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Growing heirlooms

Heirlooms: The Best Tomatoes You Will Ever Grow

Here is some advice on growing healthy tomatoes: 1. Start the seeds indoors as seeds germinate best between 75-80 degrees. If you have a place that gets lots of sun seems to work better. 2. Use small 8 ounce plastic cups that I can write varieties on with permanent marker and I use a sharp knife to put a few drainage cuts in the bottom (tomatoes don’t like wet feet). I typically plant two or three seeds in one cup, then transplant. 3. Thoroughly water MiracleGro potting mix, and fill the cup three quarters full... do not add more fertilizer the entire time, too much fertilizer is worse than not enough... 4. Add seeds, barely cover the seeds with soil, about a quarter of an inch and water lightly after planting to “set” the seeds... 5. Don’t allow the cups to get totally dry before adding more water... 6. Setting on a cookie sheet saves a mess... 7. Full light and cooler temps will help plants from getting too “leggy” before transplanting into the ground or your pot. 8. If plants become root bound before it is time to put them into the soil, separate and reset them into a larger 16 ounce cup (remember to make drain cuts ), gently breaking the roots a bit before transplanting... 9. Plant as deep as you can, leaving only top of leaves exposed... 10. Harden plants before transplanting outside into soil or your final pot (set them outside for a few days not in the direct sun or if there is a chance of frost)...breeze makes the stems grow thicker... 11. Bring your plants in if nights are cold. 12. When you fertilize use Miracle Grow tomato, follow directions on box... shouldn’t need until you see the first fruits... 13. Remember, once you start getting fruit, less foliage usually means more fruit so pinch off a suckers or two close to the stem and all that touch the ground. 14. Plant started plants in 3-5 gallon bucket with half miracle grow potting mix and half black soil.....if you use regular soil,(I do) probably will need to weed a bit...smile. 15. Plant entire plant in soil except top three inches....then when 6- 8 inches high pinch off some of the lower arms (pruning) you do not want the arms to touch the ground, water splashing on leaves causes wilt, etc and gives you less yield... 16. Stake when 6-8 inches high-get a big wire cage if you use a 5 gallon bucket-plants should grow 3 feet high or more... 17. Water every four or five days consistently... less is better than too much... if you are sporadic once the tomatoes are ripe, tomatoes will crack, and heal, not as pretty... but taste the same...smile

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