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Hello Chef and Mixologist, Heirloom tomato water (tomatoes without the pulp) is an ingredient that takes hours to make, and requires heirloom tomatoes with wonderful flavor that are picked perfectly ripe, and totally worth it. When the growing season is over you can still have one of the best flavored ingredients in the world-Heirloom Tomatoes grown on the eastern shore of Maryland. Your favorite poached seafood with tomato water, create your favorite dish in the winter with fresh home grown heirlooms that will carry your recipes to perfection all year around? When asked, many say they love homegrown tomatoes but hate tomato juice. Virtually all other tomato juices are made from concentrate, tomato paste with water and salt added, sound appetizing? Almost all tasters of Luke's HeirloomTM tomato juices love them because they taste like a fresh-picked tomato-really! Luke's HeirloomTM Tomato juices and Tomato NectarTM are unique products that taste like fresh picked heirloom tomatoes every day, NEVER made from concentrate, and we believe once you taste Luke's, you will demand them for your private and commercial kitchen (and pub) all year long. When the growing season is over, or if you just can't find heirlooms of a high quality, Luke's HeirloomTM provides you with the best flavored tomato products in the world-fresh tasting Heirloom Tomato juices, Bloody Delicious Mary MixTM and Tomato NectarTM grown on the eastern shore of Maryland. We hope you will order your first case (of many) now and get ready for the best tasting 100% all natural heirloom tomato products you have ever tasted for all year long heirloom flavor. We would love to feature your favorite recipe, made with one of Luke's HeirloomTM products. Please fill the questionnaire below to submit a recipe, for questions or suggestions, distributors or ordering information.

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